Aleera templates and Apex compatibility

Our Aleera ID9 templates are compatible with Integration Designer Apex. The software will convert them to .apex format, and automatically create a new file with the same file name in the same directory, but with an Apex icon instead of ID. Simply close the Apex editor software and you are done. When you set up a new room / processor / controller in Apex, you can now use the merge pages feature to look in the newly created Apex version of the templates to import any pages you like, which works exactly like the built in Page Wizard.


To open ID9 files in Apex, click File / Open, and go to the folder that contains the ID9 template project file. You will se a drop down box on the lower right corner. Simply change the search format to "All Files" and the ID9 version will appear so you can double click on it, or highlight the file and select "OK".  


The Aleera pre-programmed add-ons contain programming and processor information from ID9, so if you open those files in Apex, all of the graphics will appear, but the programming & feedback will be removed from the buttons.

As Apex becomes more mainstream, we will be converting the pre-programmed add-ons to work directly with Apex as well.

Introducing Aleera for RTI Integration Designer and Apex. Our goal was to revolutionize and simplify the residential and commercial user experience by designing an entirely new graphic library that can be used to create stunning user interfaces while maintaining a very contemporary look and feel. We decided a "flat" interface does not have to be boring, so we improved many aspects of the design over time, including our new transparent PhotoView UI, which allows you to easily theme your designs with custom photos & wallpapers.

We looked for solutions to simple issues, such as being able to view white 2D icons in an external folder or in the image library. We decided to give every icon a semi transparent drop shadow that allows the images to be easily viewed when browsing, but it also gives them the illusion of floating above the the rest of the user interface. We spent the last few months testing and refining the smallest details of Aleera to get it ready for prime time. During our testing phase we also took the opportunity to update our activity, room, and preset channel collections with the most recent products and station additions. Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to contact us with questions you may have.

RTI Stand alone previews / demos for KX7 & included icons preview

4 room demo

Single room Demo

Icon Set Preview

 Just click on either demo thumbnail and select save (or run) if you are prompted with a Windows security warning.

Click on the logos to view screenshots (iPad shown) of our free / pre-programmed Aleera add-on files

Your Aleera order confirmation email will contain a link to an exclusive page where you can download our free add-ons at any time. This includes preset TV channel icons for all of the countries listed below. Additional countries can be added by request.

Australia Belgium Canada Czechia Denmark France Germany
Mexico Netherlands New Zealand South Africa Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Click the icon on the left to download our new Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks file. You can easily browse our external image folders and use them to customize our templates by changing a single setting in the Options tab of RTI Integration Designer. All of our external images are formatted using the RTI naming scheme, so changing a two state button or background is a simple matter of dragging them into your pages from the Bitmaps tab in ID.

Individual Templates


3 projects in one file (240 x 320)

T2i - T2X - KX2

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




2 projects in one file (480 x 800)

KX3 in-wall & T3X handheld

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




2 projects in one file (800 x 480)

KX7 in-wall - CX7 multi-mount

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




2 projects in one file (1280 x 800)

New - KX10 in-wall - Virtual Panel

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




RTiPanel iPhone Template

640 x 1096 for 5th gen iPod Touch - iPhone 5 / 6 / 6+

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




RTiPanel iPad Templates

2 templates in one file - 1024 x 748 landscape for standard resolution iPad / iPad Mini & 2048 x 1496 landscape for Retina iPad / Retina iPad Mini / iPad Air / iPad Pro

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>




Android & Kindle Fire Tablet Templates

2 templates in one file - 1280 x 800 landscape for Kindle Fire HD 6 - 8 -10 & select Android tablets. 2560 x 1600 quad HD for select Samsung,  Kindle HDX 8.9 & other high end tablets.

Click on the binoculars to view preview images >>



Please note: If you purchase a single template or package and decide you would like to upgrade to the entire Aleera suite at a later date, just contact us when you are ready to do so, and we will set it up so you only pay the difference in cost. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Template Packages


Standard RTI Remotes

All standard RTI templates for handheld and in-wall devices

9 Templates in total




Mobile Devices

 Landscape templates for iPad (All models) & iPhone 5 / 6 / 6+ & 5th generation iPod Touch, plus Android & Kindle Fire HD tablet templates

5 templates included



Complete Aleera Suite

All RTI handheld / in-wall templates and iOS package for iPad & iPad Mini / iPhone / iPod Touch plus Android & Kindle Fire HD tablet templates

14 templates in total


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