Free add-ons for RTI Integration Designer / Universal Downloads

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Many of our customers like to use the pre-made source select pages from our templates for the front end of client meeting or in-store demos to show multi-room capabilities. We decided to create a interactive floor plan with floating / inactive text over multiple zones that you can re-name to your liking. You can also use XP processor flag feedback to "light up" or reverse the state of a select zone to simulate that it is currently in use. We even created a monochrome version that is more in line with our new Aleera templates, but you can mix / match the color and monochrome zone buttons if you only want to limit your demo to only a few selectable areas. We duplicated the floor plan on the portrait pages if you would like to use it with some of our other designs. Simply copy and paste the button groups to your projects and use your imagination.

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Introducing our all new re-designed thermostat & weather collection for RTI Integration Designer. We came up with an original thermostat design that can be adapted to work with various manufacturers (included project is pre-programmed to work with the Nest driver by default). We also decided to change the weather pages to a new, simpler style. The included project contains two designs for each resolution that can be merged directly with our Neo RT & Euro RT templates.

Support includes iPad Retina / standard (dual orientation), iPhone Retina, KX7 / CX7 & T3X and a newly added resolution for the T2X remote

Our newest free add-on for Integration Designer includes a re-skinned Autonomic Mirage Media Server (MMS-2A & MMS-5A) UI for use with our Euro and Neo templates. They can be used as a stand alone project or you can merge them with your existing projects. All of the driver commands and variables are pre-programmed, so you can add the Mirage UI to our existing templates in seconds. 

Support for KX7/CX7 & T3X/KX3 added for version 1.2

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Our free Elements collection contains several samples of virtual lighting, 2 way toggles, sliders, and volume image lists that can be copied and pasted directly into your custom projects. We also offer an Elements collection for purchase which contains a huge selection of virtual lighting / shade controllers, virtual remotes for streaming devices such as AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire and others. We included dozens of different sized toggles and sliders for three different resolutions, including stunning HD Retina versions of every graphic for today's HD tablet and phone displays. You can view the Elements 3.0 HD collection here. 

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RTI has added intercom capability to the T3x / KX3 & KX7 / CX7 with the release if Integration Designer 9.7. You can use our new plug & play UI to integrate this feature with our existing templates or use it as a stand alone option. We have included new intercom activity icons to make the integration seamless.

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Have a home theater with plenty of surround sound modes? Our updated button collection is now available in both standard and Retina sizes and can be used on a variety of resolutions. You can use simple text to display the mode title or you can drag new logos into the same area for a more personal touch. We left enough room for extra long surround mode names and there are simple square versions if you would rather create a scrolling list (for RTiPanel projects only). An pre-made Integration Designer file is included for quick copy & paste to other projects if needed.

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We are happy to re-introduce our WattBox IP virtual display. The WattBox collection is now compatible with our Euro and Neo RT templates and comes with a new Retina iPad (dual orientation) option. As with all of our collections, the project files are pre-programmed to use the WattBox device driver, so all you have to do is merge or copy and paste our graphics to your own projects.

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Update your RTI and or URC projects with our all new AppleTV 4 virtual remotes. We designed a VR for every resolution, so you can copy & paste them into our templates with perfect alignment or use them with your own designs. We also added a set of optional popup graphics and pre-programmed macro to notify your customers that the Siri function can only be used with the OEM remote (RTI versions only).

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We have just updated our NuVo wireless UI to include Neo RT support for iPad & Retina & the T3X - KX3 in Euro RT template lineup. These can be used as a stand alone project or imported into a project file that contains the Neo / Euro RT templates for a perfect match. We will be adding additional UIs for Neo very soon.

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After quite a few requests, we decided to re-skin the CasaTunes OEM template so it could be merged with our Euro RT and Neo RT templates. You can use the included projects as a stand alone UI if you like. The original UI seemed a bit fragmented, so we created a simple and easy to use two page design (Controls & Search). Both versions include our popular dual orientation format and the Neo RT comes in both standard & Retina.

We also included CasaTunes activity icons so you can add them to your existing template image libraries.

Click on the above image to download - Additional resolutions coming soon

Meet our all new animation for theater warm up times. Some DLP projectors can take up to a full minute before you can send commands for operation. Our new please wait animation is provided as a looping animated GIF in various sizes for UI editors that support them.

We have also included an RTI project file that utilizes the animation driver create by Infused. Simply select the animation size and pre-made macro button to show the animation for 10-60 seconds and paste them into your own project after adding the free driver. Authorized dealers can access the RTI driver Download thread here

3 different sized animations included (600 x 337 / 400 x 225 / 300 x 169)

Click here to download the RTI project file - Click here to download the animated GIFs

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Add a touch of nostalgia to your custom theater pages by using our new free vintage countdown timer animation with sound. The project file includes several popular resolutions (including Retina), so you can simply copy and paste directly to your own projects. The free animation driver used in our RTI project download was created by Infused of the RTI community and can be accessed by authorized dealers. Just log in and visit this thread in the official RTI forums for the driver download.

Simply mouseover the image to the right for an animation preview

We are excited to re-introduce our incredibly popular customizable theater page splash graphics with updated styling and stunning Retina HD. We have also added an alternate version of the Oscar graphic along with a new Legends & Motorama design. The entire collection has been re-mastered for today's Retina and quad HD displays. You can simply superimpose text in the marquee area in just about any UI or graphics editor to personalize your client's projects. The file contains various sizes of each graphic for use with popular touch panel resolutions. The splash images are transparent 32bit PNG and can be used on just about any darker background.

Click on the above images to view full size screen shots. Click here to download the zip file.

The Nixie tube ( was introduced in the mid 1950s and was used for various types of displays such as missile guidance systems and common grocery store scales. You can even find virtual versions used in modern video games such as Guitar Hero and Bioshock.

We decided to create a pair of clocks in traditional orange along with an ultraviolet edition for the iPad and iPad Retina. All you need is the standard RTI clock driver added to your processor and you are ready to go. The central dots will display AM / PM.

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Introducing our all new re-skin for the Roku 2 way UI & driver. The pre-made pages contain all the commands & variables, so all you need to do is add a processor and the free Roku driver to get started. We have designed a custom keyboard and Roku channel preset icons just for this download.

60 Roku preset channel icons included in 2 sizes. 24 new icons added for version 1.1 update


All new iPad Retina, Standard iPad, KX7 / CX7,  iPhone 5 /6 & T2X project added to match the new Neo RT templates. iPad, iPhone, KX7 / CX7 & T2X have been added to match the Euro RT templates - Specialized Roku preset channel icons included in 2 sizes.

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We have teamed up with MyDevice to create a new UI for their amazing AppleTV 2-way driver. Full search capability is included with a popup keyboard, cover art, track information, synopsis, jump to home, and the list goes on. We have also included a collection of icons for customizing the integrated room / zone select menus.

All new iPad Retina, Standard iPad, KX7 / CX7 & iPhone 5 /6 project added to match the new Neo RT templates. iPhone and KX7 / CX7 has been added to match the Euro RT templates - updated room / zone icons for standard & Retina

Click on the above image to download - updated to include KX7 / CX7

Our new re-skinned Sonos UI allows for simple and easy to use single page integration for iPad / iPad Mini in both orientations (portrait and landscape). We also added a second project for iPhone / iPod Touch. Just add the Sonos driver to your project or merge pages with an existing project. You will have direct access to 12 presets, favorites (scrolling list) and player control.

All new iPad Retina, iPhone 5 /6 project added to match the new NeoRT templates

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Our new re-skinned Vortex Box Virtual Panel is now available for use with RTI Integration Designer. This project file is based off the existing UI, but has been completely redesigned as a stand alone or companion to our new Euro RT templates.

You can download the most current file here: Version 1.0

All new iPad conversion for 5 player VortexBox in dual orientation - Search Keyboards included

You can download the most current file here: Version 1.0

All new iPad conversion for Fusion OMS Audio in dual orientation w multi-player - Search keyboard included

You can download the most current file here: Version 1.0

Other Downloads

All new - Video game consoles & logos in transparent PNG

Click on the animation to download the file (refresh this page to re-start the timer animation at 60 seconds)

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