Aleera - Pronto Edit Professional Template

Introducing Aleera for Pronto Edit Professional. You may be wondering why we would create a template for a product that no longer manufactured. The answer is simple. The Pronto community is still going strong all over the globe and there hasn't been a new Pronto templates released by any UI design firm in 7 years.

We took the time to create this template to show the Pronto faithful that there are still companies willing to support their hobby. We also included graphics for all of the most up do date products (AppleTV Gen 4, Roku, NowTV, Amazon FireTV, Tivo Bolt, and all of the current generation video game systems, and a whole lot more).

Every aspect of this template was designed specifically for the PEP Editor, and it is very easy to customize using the included graphic libraries.

Preset TV channel icons are included for all the following countries along with the United States

Australia Belgium Canada Denmark France Germany New Zealand Sweden United Kingdom


Aleera for Pronto Edit Professional

TSU-9600/9800 (640 x 480)

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