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Welcome to Blackman Signature Designs™. We are a professional design firm specializing in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) for various touch panel and remote control manufacturers including AMX™, Crestron™, Universal Remote Control™, RTI™, Command Fusion™, Ness™, BitWise Controls™ and many others. Our touch panel graphics have been featured on TV shows such as MTV Cribs™ and VH1's Insane Celebrity Real Estate™ and several home theater and home automation magazines. Electronic House™ features new custom theaters every month and our templates have appeared in many of them over the years.

We have streamlined and simplified our entire website and are now offering templates for fifteen different manufacturers from our online store. Our goal is to supply integrators with state of the art touch panel templates at affordable prices. You can now purchase packages of templates in all available resolutions for one low price. We have added new resolutions for many of our designs, creating a complete set for large residential and commercial projects that contain multiple touch panels of varying sizes so your clients can maintain design and UI continuity from the smallest handheld remotes to large in-wall touch panels.


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RTI LaserShark icons and virtual RK1+ keypads

Neo RT for Integration Designer

T3-X Template Now Available

Neo CC for Complete Control

Remote Technologies Inc


Remote Technologies Inc


Universal Remote Control






Neo OC for On Controls / iRule

Elements for Integration Designer

Elements for Bitwise Project Editor

iRule / On Controls Builder


Remote Technologies Inc


Bitwise Controls / Leviton






Icon Collection 1

Icon Collection 2 (free download)

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Blackman Signature Designs


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